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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jaha Birthday - 2009

Jaha Birthday - 2009
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is Mavs vs. Spurs a Real Rivalry????

I couldn't help but listen to local sports radio on my way home tonight.  They were going on and on about how they were so excited to be facing the Spurs in this year's NBA playoffs.  One reasons is because the Spurs are facing injury problems, so they have a chance to win a playoff series which they haven't done in a while.  Another reason was so they could renew the rivalry between the Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs.

I couldn't help, but think "Rivalry, what rivalry????".  I"ll admit that 7-game series in 2006 was one of the greatest ever, but besides that I don't even remember the other series even being competitive.  So I did the research below:

2006 Playoffs - Mavs (4-3)
2003 Playoffs - Spurs (4-2)
2001 Playoffs - Spurs (4-1)

So what's all the excitement about???  Four series in the span of 8 years?  Haven't the Mavs played just as many against the Suns or Rockets in recent history?  

Plus the only year the Mavs were poised to win a championship with a #1 seed and the league's best record they were ousted in the first round.  I feel if a rivalry is going to be established there has to be something at stake.  Both teams go back and forth battling for playoff position/seeding, division championships, and league championships.  There has to be some form of history to generate the dislike between the teams.  Or maybe it's just me???

That's why I feel the Spurs true rival is the Los Angeles Lakers.  Both teams have the championships, both have knocked each other out of the playoffs, and there is great history established.  I can go back to the Iceman days and trace the pain and suffering that great Laker teams have caused me.  And this is true even this year where the Lakers and Spurs are seeded #1 and #3 respectively.

What is your definition of a rivalry????????????

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Great, Part of Another Statistic

I swear up and down that 5-hour energy has gotten thru a number of late night study sessions.  And it looks like a number of others are joining in.

I just hope it's not too good to be true.  There are already stories out there that say that these so called "energy drinks"  have a lot more ingredients not listed on the labels.

Maybe i should just stick to coffee.............