I have been planning on publishing a site for a long time, but I finally put aside some time and stuck with it. The design of this site will most likely change frequently until I find something that I like or also if the inspiration hits me. Enjoy and be sure to write me back with some feedback (whether positive or negetive), so I can continue to improve the site. Thanks. Peace.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

I've been contemplating on what I was going to get my family for Christmas. I think I've narrowed it down to these items:

Sister: Additional money on Visa Buxx card
Mom: ??? (maybe CD's)
Dad: Motorola V70
Grandma: ??? (ask mom :-). Probably household items)
Momo and Mr. Melvin: ?? (Just found out they were coming for Christmas yesterday. Don't have anything yet)

As you can see I definitely have some work to do. And it will probably wait until X-mas Eve like I always do. Hopefully kid sis' can help me out with some of the needs of my Mom and Grandma around the house. But then again maybe not, she is a teenager. :-) Well wish me luck.

100 years of flight:
Lauren Hill puts the Catholic Church on blast.
Bush wants to off Suddam, but where's Osama
Now the the French and Germans want to help out in Iraq
I have a new bossman here at Motorola

I finally have had some free time to put together my Tivo PC. I am still having a few issues with the sound driver, but I'll be purchasing a cable wire from Radio Shack this evening to give it a good test. Hopefully I can get this thing running before I leave for Christmas vaction back in TX.

I really haven't had alot of time to put everything together since I have been out of town so often the past two months. By the way, I have a few pictures from my second visit to Halifax, Nova Scotia and also my first Chicago Bears game. Who knows when I'll get time to upload them, but I'll make an attempt tonight if I can figure out my Tivo PC issues. Later.