I have been planning on publishing a site for a long time, but I finally put aside some time and stuck with it. The design of this site will most likely change frequently until I find something that I like or also if the inspiration hits me. Enjoy and be sure to write me back with some feedback (whether positive or negetive), so I can continue to improve the site. Thanks. Peace.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Softball Season is in the Air

Well the Major Leagues are under way. Barry Bonds has just become the third greatest homerun hitter of all time. The weather is starting to turn up. We may actually hit the 70's this weekend!!!! So it is only right that the Motorola Softball League get underway. We actually have our first team practice today. Even today is still kind of cold, I am still exited to get back out on the crater-filled diamond. Hopefully this season will turn out better than our previous two (see archives for my previous frustrations ;-)) We brought back the core of our team from two years ago, but we have picked up a couple of free agents as well as lost a few people. Actually our starting pitcher sold us out so she could get a master's degree, so that's a nice piece of the puzzle that's missing, but we'll manage. Thanks Kriste. ;-)

Anyways, as far as the site. I'm really starting to get a real good handle on video editing and I think I have found a nice format for all of my videos on the website. I decided to go with an Xvid codec, which is basically MPEG4. This codec is basically just an open-source version of the commonly-known Divx codec, but it seems to give me better audio/video syncing results. Pretty soon I will be converting all of the video over to this format.

Until later. Holla later.

Friday, April 09, 2004

Long Time No Post

I know that it's been a minute since I posted. I guess I have just been mad busy. Not a whole lot has happened since my last post. I guess that was around Super Bowl time.

Well I found a new project to get involved in. I just got a Tapwave Zodiac. This is a tight new PDA that has a few features on it to play games. I've been eying this product since last November when I dropped and broke my old Palm IIIxe. And since this device runs the Palm OS, I just uploaded all of the data that backed from the old IIIxe. The tightest feature on this device is the gaming features. It has an analog controller, shoulder buttons, and four color buttons as controls. So far I keep all my regular info (numbers, calandar, to-do listss, etc), plus an Nintendo emulator, an MP3 player, and video player. I'm looking to take this device anywhere I go for now on. It's my new best friend. ;-)

Once I finish up with this project I think my next plan of action needs to be with my car. She's starting to die on me. I'm having transmission problems, the breaks are about to go out, and I am leaking a whole lot of oil and cooling fluid. I already know that if I want to stop the leaking it's going to cost me a pretty penny. Last I remember it was around a G. The first priority will definitely be the transmission though. I think I ruined the third gear. I can't imagine how much that is going to cost to repair. I might just have to wait and see how necessary these repairs are. I can stand the fluid leaking, but I can't do nothing if my transmission is slowly dying on me. We'll see.