I have been planning on publishing a site for a long time, but I finally put aside some time and stuck with it. The design of this site will most likely change frequently until I find something that I like or also if the inspiration hits me. Enjoy and be sure to write me back with some feedback (whether positive or negetive), so I can continue to improve the site. Thanks. Peace.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Super Bowl

I'm still not too sure where I will be bowling at this year. Ever since I have been in Chicago I have always been moving on the day of the Super Bowl. The first one in 2002 is when I moved from Texas to Chicago. In 2003 is when I moved from my apartment to the townhouse where I am at now. I don't even know what to do with myself now that I am not moving this winter. I had better move next winter so that I am not in this situation again. ;-)

Anyways, I will be pulling for the Panters since they knocked off my Cowboys in the Wildcard Game. I hope they pull it out, it should be a defensive, low scoring, grind it out kind of game. I'm looking forward to it. In fact I might just meet some people at a sports bar and watch the game so that I can concentrate on the actual game. I remember back in 2000 when it was the Rams vs. the Titans. That was one of the most exciting Super Bowls in my generation and I bareley remember it because I was at a party with music and people that don't even like football talking too much.

Well I don't have any new additions to the site, but one thing that I do have on my to-do list is to convert all of the video files to mpeg2. I'll be sure to get it eventually.